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Ash - Free All Angels

Latest News:

Theres a star vid bein filmed in Iceland Tim in quest across snow in search of Flying V and gets it just in time for the solo. apparently.

Candy has dropped to 47 and faa to 49. doh.

Bside lyrics section complete:)

Seafood are the support band for defo. The chord section has been updated to include: Burn Baby Burn, Shining Light, Someday, Sometimes, Walking Barefoot and Warmer Than Fire. Go see!

The vid for There's A Star isn't being filmed in Iceland any more cos of 'a lack of good snow' according to dmh, but it's still the next single. Apparently a band called Seafood are supporting Ash on the December tour.

Select the Candy video on Sky Digital, or any other stuff where you can select videos, on selection number 461:

Q: 09067 533 455 (75p/min)
Kerrang: 09067 533 433 (75p/min)

Don't bother getting the bill payers permission, they pay it, it's their problem. Joke. No seriously, ask first

Get tickets for the upcoming tour here:

Just click on the 'Tickets' link on the menu to the left-hand side of the page. Norwich UEA, Nottingham Rock City and Brixton (I think) have sold out